Welcome to the Hamilton Jr./Sr. High School

Shelli K. Jennings  |  Principal

Shellie Jennings

Although summer vacation has just begun for our students, I'm already looking forward to the next school year.  As the new principal, I'm excited aboutleading a school that is so rich in tradition and community pride.  I was the special education coordinator at Hamilton for the past two years, so I am already a familiar face to many of the students and their families.  They know I am passionate about quality education for all and believe in doing what's right for kids.  At Hamilton Jr/Sr High, we will challenge students to achieve more than they thought possible in a caring environment where all students, parents, and staff members are important members of our team.  I pride myself on acting with integrity, and I expect the same from those with whom I work. I look forward to meeting more Hamilton families and community members throughout the school year at conferences, games, and special events.  Until then...Go Cardinals!  Go Titans!

Amanda Congdon Jr./Sr. H.S. Secretary
Luke Lawson

Guidance Counselor

Hamilton CCSD 328 High School, 1100 Keokuk St, Hamilton, Il. 62341 866-332-3880


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