Grade 5,  Semester 2 Curriculum Guide

Weeks 17-21: 

Students continue to practice at home on a daily basis for a total of 60 minutes a week.

Rhythms: Students will learn the dotted eighth note.

Sheet music:  By the end of week 21, students will be able to play a full concert, 3 pieces, of sheet music.

Establishing new warm up:  Students will play exercises 86-89 as a daily warm up to develop sound, rhythm and articulations. 


Weeks 22-28 

At this point, the more dedicated students will start their last “Band Karate” exercises. Also, students who may have had difficulty in the beginning, be catching up and earning more belts.

Curriculum: At the end of the 28th week, students should be on Page 27 of the Essential Elements book. At this point in the year, with fundamentals of playing and reading music well established, exercises are learned faster. Now students should be earning their Band Karate belts faster and playing more each practice session. In other words, the band will be getting more efficient at learning music. 

Concert Bb Scale:  Student should now be able to play the concert Bb scale.  Brass instruments may have an issue with the higher range, and clarinet players have now learned how to play over the “break.”

More Music:  Students will have the endurance to play through 5 different pieces of sheet music at once.  In other words, have the chops to play 20 minutes straight.


Weeks 29-36 

All students should be earning their black belt in “Band Karate”

Curriculum Expectations:  At the end of the year, students will be finish up learning syncopated rhythms, Concert Bb scale exercises on page #40 and be able to play through number 167.

Establish Marching:  Depending on where the group is in the curriculum, this could be when students are introduced to marching techniques.

Summer Break:  A well known fact is that students can have difficulty retaining information they have learned during summer vacation.  This is a crucial time to make sure students keep playing.  HHS #328 offers a free summer music program, where students may come in for individual or group lessons.  These lessons are offered in the high school band room during the month of June and part of July.