Grade 6,  Semester 1 Curriculum Guide

Weeks 1-8 

Students should be re-learning habits of daily practice.

Essential Elements Book:  Students will begin the year by reviewing materials in last year’s book.   After a brief review, students begin using Essential Elements Book 2. At the end of week 8, students should be at page 3.

Establish Marching:  Students will be practicing marching, during normal band time, outside in the school parking lot.  Students will need a Marching Lyre and a flip folder.  They will be playing “3 Patriotic Parade Songs” and marching with the seventh and eighth grade band. This song does not need to be memorized, however, it should be able to be played with ease.

Weeks 9-16 

Students should now be striving for longer practice times.  This is reflected in the “ranking” system.  A 6th grader has much more endurance, so they should be able to practice for 30 minutes at one sitting.

Curriculum:  Students will continue individual practice of the Essential Elements book 2.  Again, a rule of thumb is one page a week, but we also begin incorporating etudes in the back of the book with specialized instructions for particular instruments.  For example, we will play #159-161 as a warm up before we learn #58.  #187 begins a series of different exercises for every single instrument, and these exercises should be studied individually.

Sheet music. Students will be playing music that had divided parts.  Meaning that there is now a harmony in the trumpet, clarinet and saxophone section. Percussionists will begin learning accessory instruments like the crash cymbals, tempo block, cabassa, ect.