Grade 6,  Semester 2 Curriculum Guide

Weeks 17-25 

Generally speaking, all students should be an “officer” in the band ranking system, meaning all students have memorized the concert Bb scale and have had a week of recorded practiced at home for at least one hour.

Rhythms:  Students will have learned the concepts of different time signatures.  Cut time and 6/8 time.

Essential Elements book 2: Students will continue to use the book in many ways.   As a band, students will be on page 20, be able to play the concert Bb, Eb and Ab etudes and play #187-191 of the specialized individual exercises.

Sheet music:  Students will continue to play music from a wide variety of cultures.  At this point students will have learned 7 pieces of sheet music.


Weeks 26-36 

Students should be achieving the “Colonel” rank.  The “General” rank is specifically made difficult, not all students will be able to achieve that rank. Students will be getting prepared to play in the Junior High Band.  That means, more difficult music, vocabulary concepts and the idea of playing with a mature sound will all be covered.

Essential Elements book 2:  Students should be able to play up to page 28 and the individualized exercises in the back.  They also will be able to play all rhythm studies in the book.

Sheet music:  Students will have played 8-10 different pieces of music throughout the year.

Summer lessons:  As with the 5th graders, the same summer lessons are offered to the 6th graders, free of charge.