High School Semester 1 Curriculum Guide

Weeks 1-9 

The First Quarter is almost entirely composed of marching band activities, but students should not forget to practice individually to ensure music memorization.

Marching Band: The HHS Marching Band is a competitive group, meaning we memorize our music and perform at different competitions. Even though the Jr. High students have marched before, this will be their first experience with something like this.

Marching band Camp: This occurs the first full week of August, which is usually two weeks before the school year starts.  This is when we learn our competitive show, our parade song and entering the field for football games.  Band camp is from 8:00am to 12:30pm for five days.  Students are encouraged to bring drinks and snacks.

Marching Band Performances:  The HHS marching band performs at 3-4 competitions located at other high schools or universities.  These very from year to year depending on different factors such as location, date available and sports schedules.  To do our best, it is asked that our show music is memorized.  Our show almost always consists of three pieces.  The first pieces will need to be memorized two weeks after school begins, and each subsequent piece will be memorized after two weeks.  After playing these songs all throughout band camp, it is incredibly rare that after 30 minutes of practicing per piece, and students won’t easily have these songs memorized. 

Football Games:  The HHS marching band performs a pregame and halftime show at the football games when played in Hamilton.  Students will meet by the band trailer 45 minutes before kickoff to get into their band uniforms.  The marching band will sit in the East side of the home bleachers during the game, after our halftime performance, should return to the bleachers for the remainder of the game. Uniforms will be placed in the band trailer immediately following the end of the game.

Weeks 10-16 

Students will be transitioning to a new playing setting and transitioning to other instruments.

Concert Band:  Immediately following marching band is concert band.  This is the traditional band setting where students sit down and play.  For the remainder of the semester, students will prepare 4 pieces of music, some usually winter themed. And transition from outside playing to inside playing.  Also, individuals who are in drumline and color guard will be getting used to their more traditional instruments.

Chair Placement:  Students will be given an etude to practice for one week.  They will then play that etude, along with a scale, individually and then given a chair placement.  If a student is unsatisfied, they may challenge the chair ahead of them.

Band Technique Step by Step:  Students will begin playing out of this curriculum.  The curriculum is broken up into 24 different units.  Each unit consists of scales, rhythmic exercises, lyric exercises and articulation studies in all major and minor keys.  Students will reach F minor at the end of the semester.