High School Semester 2 Curriculum Guide

Weeks 17-25 

Preparation for the most work intensive contests occur in this quarter which is why “Event Preparation Timelines” are utilized. Used correctly, this timelines will spread the workload out and make things more manageable.

IHSA Organizational Contest.  Students will continue to play sheet music, but now preparing 3 pieces for IHSA organizational contest.  These songs are specifically selected to be challenging, but playable.  A march, lyric and contemporary selection are usually chosen.  There is a variety of grade levels, but at this point an Alfred Music Co. grade level 3.5 level piece is usually chosen.

Solo and Ensemble:  Students will be getting either a solo or ensemble piece to work on individually.  These will be based on individual talents, and given with a timeline of what to accomplish and when to accomplish it. The contest is usually at the end of March or beginning of May.  High School Students performing a solo are also asked to play two scales and a chromatic scale from memory from the list of 6 scales found here http://www.ihsa.org/documents/mu/Revised%2011-2014%20Instrumental%20Scales.pdf Ensembles aren’t asked to perform scales, just students performing a solo.

Band Technique Step by Step:  Students will be able to play the exercises for the A major unit.

Weeks 26-36 

The focus of our program is to perform well and receive positive adjudication at IHSA Organizational contest.  As the ABMA states, the concert band program should be the center of all band programs. 

Solo and Ensemble:  The event that select students began planning for will occur in this timeframe. 

IHSA Organizational Contest:  We will have performed and have been adjudicated at the IHSA organizational contest. This performance is the culmination of the entire yea.  We will use the comments from the judges to continually improve the band.

Band Technique Step by Step:  Students will have played through all units in all 12 major and minor keys.

Try Outs:  Certain roles in the HHS marching band require auditioning for.   Usually during the last two weeks of the school year drum major and color guard try outs are held.  The drum major will be selected through an interview and performance process.  Color Guard will be selected by the director and the color guard sponsor.  The prospective members will be taught a simple routine, and then asked to perform that routine individually.