Junior High Semester 2 Curriculum Guide

Weeks 17-25

Bach and Before:  Students will have 3 chorales from that packet that illustrate how to play with good pitch, balance and blend.

14 weeks to a Better Band: This packet will be finished, and all exercises able to be played.

 Solo and Ensemble:  Students will be getting either a solo or ensemble piece to work on individually.  These will be based on individual talents, and given with a timeline of what to accomplish and when to accomplish it. The contest is usually at the end of March or beginning of May.

Organizational:  Students will continue to play sheet music, but now preparing 3 pieces for IESA organizational contest.  These songs are specifically selected to be challenging, but playable.  A march, lyric and contemporary selection are usually chosen.  There is a variety of grade levels, but at this point an Alfred Music Co. grade level 3 piece is usually chosen.

Scales: Concert Bb, Eb, Ab, Db, and F are memorized at this point.


Weeks 26-36

 New Warm Ups:  The chorales from Bach and Before will still be played, but a new warm up will be given as sheet music, such as “Beginning rehearsal Warm Ups” or “Symphonic Band Clinic.”

Solo and Ensemble:  The event that select students began planning for will occur in this timeframe. 

IESA Organizational Contest:  We will have performed and adjudicated at the IESA organizational contest. This performance is the culmination of a years work.  We will use the comments from the judges to continually improve the band.

“Fun” Music:  At the end of the year, particular pieces of music may be selected as “fun” for the students.  These may be pop tunes, music from musicals, or any other non-formal source.

Graduation: 8th grade students are asked to perform at the High School graduation ceremony.  The 8th graders will play along with the 9-11th graders before the ceremony and as the graduates enter and leave. 



Lessons:  Music lessons are still offered to students.

Band Camp:  Any 8th grader going into  Freshman year of band will need to attend Freshman band camp (two extra days of introducing the High School marching techniques.) Band camp is always the first week of August.