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Letter to Alumni

The Cardinal Foundation
PO Box 383
Hamilton,IL 62341

Dear Alumni and Supporters:
Again this year, The Cardinal Foundation would like to be able to increase the number of students that we assist with scholarships. In the past, The Cardinal Foundation has received donations for memorial scholarships from loved ones, private individuals, and groups. We appreciate all the past support and want to continue with existing and new memorial scholarships.

Last year, we successfully increased scholarship funds by obtaining your support in donating to a general scholarship fund. By doing so, this allowed us to award eleven scholarships to our graduating students. Again, we hope to make contributing more affordable for alumni and others by encouraging smaller amounts of money that we can add to the general fund. A donation of $25 would be greatly appreciated as well as any other amount that would be comfortable for you.

Thank you for considering The Cardinal Foundation when making your charitable donations. If you have been a contributor in the past, we extend our sincere thanks and hope that you will be able to donate again this year. Please remember that all contributions to The Cardinal Foundation are tax deductible. . In order to help us plan for the distribution of scholarships for this school year, we would greatly appreciate your contributions returned to us by March 31st. Of course, we will be happy to receive contributions at any time during the year. Please make checks payable to: The Cardinal Foundation and mail your contributions to us at:

The Cardinal Foundation
PO Box 383
Hamilton, IL 62341

Once again, thank you for your past and future support.

The Scholarship Committee